Szczecin International Medical Students’ Conference

LI Ogólnopolska VI Międzynarodowa Konferencja Studentów Uczelni Medycznych

The Students’ Scientific Society of Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin

is pleased to invite you to the Szczecin International Medical Students’ Conference.
Participation in our event provides you with a unique opportunity
to present the results of your research to renowned experts from the world of medicine.
The conference aims to be a platform where each participant has the opportunity to receive constructive feedback,
as well as engage in interesting, thought-provoking discussions with experts.
It is an ideal way to meet other young scientists, exchange experiences,
brainstorm ideas and broaden your horizons.


Sessions include:
– Basic Sciences
– Dentistry
– Health Sciences
– Non-surgical
– Surgical
– Poster session for PhD students
– Case report (surgical & non-surgical)

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19th – 21th April 2022


22th – 24th April 2022

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